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Good useful app , I like it

Its good useful, and I like using it



Better looking than it is

Very nice looking app. Wanted to like it. However it’s useless to me without offline and topo maps, which are extra cost. The app frequently locks up while using it. I could see no obvious way to delete a single waypoint. I was not impressed enough to be even consider purchasing the offline subscription, especially considering that I wanted to load the app on two phones with two separate iTunes accounts. Over on the Android side, I use GPS Essentials, which does all of this for free - including offline maps and topo maps. I wish it existed on iOS


Haven't used yet but seams very good on tests thank you



Can literally save your life!

Turn it on before you enter the wilderness and you can trust it to guide you back to your starting point.

Please sponsor me!!!!

Amazing app it has increased my success rate as a big game recovery specialist!!!

Great App!

A full featured app I use for biking.

Good App, some menu issues

Nice app, great for tracks and related, some menus and icons don’t make sense


Still great.

Great app

Great app. Good for travel in rv.


Great app

My go to GPS APP

I’ve got several gps apps on my phone but this is my favorite. I use it for offroad motorcycling and hiking. It’s easy to use and is updated often. Also, the developer is quick to answer questions. Great app.

The best

Making every adventure a one device adventure.


Love it

Beautiful, Clean Interface

Much less cluttered and confusing than similar apps. We use it in our volunteer ecological restoration activities to mark and communicate the locations of invasive species to remove or populations of native plants to protect.

Great app

Great App with many uses. Can’t get lost with this.

Must have

Great app

Excellent App from Remote Areas

I got this app originally for a helicopter flight. I wanted to track the entire flight and knew I would need my phone in airplane mode. App worked great and I have been using it ever since for hiking in deep mountain areas or off-roading fun!

Great app

Use it everyday

Love it

I tried quite some software. I love this one very much and I like it a lot, that I have this software on all my Apple devices, an iPad, my iPhone and on my MacBook for planning my rides.

GPS Tracks

Very accurate, worked well all through Europe; however, mapping is somewhat slow in loading, slower than other programs when loading satellite view

GPS Tracks is THE tracking app to get

GPS Tracks is the best GPS tracking app hands down. I’ve tried a dozen others and none provide all of the functionality of GPS Tracks. Don’t waste time on other apps. Get this one!

GPS Tracks

Great Job it does just about everything my Oruxmaps did on my Samsung Note 4 before it burned up. The ONLY SPECIAL REQUEST I HAVE is Can you add CAMERA Waypoints also. The reason I love GPS Tracks is the 3 File Formats KMZ & KML & GPX. Also thanks for having a Start / Stop Button to Record Track and stop and save. something that's lacking in most of these Apps. I use one of them and email out my track and the only thing the person receiving my track needs to do is click on email file to open in Google Earth of course they must have Google Earth on there Phone for the file to open up Google Earth. Now I own a Apple IPhone 7 Plus. Will never buy another Samsung phone because the inferior quality of the components they use. Super Great Job. I like that I can drop waypoints and create my own track and that the information for longitude & Latitude is also displayed upon request. Important information when you want to send a waypoint location for someone to go to. Would like to see it open Google Maps so someone could drive from there known location to a Google Maps Waypoint Location. Just add Back Track and waypoints you can move on the map to go to. I agree with David I had a Samsung Note 4 and the best GPS Software I used was Oruxmaps. There wasn’t anything better. GPS Tracks has come a long way from when I first started using it. Now it can do the file formats I need take pictures drop waypoints to go to a spot in the woods I want to get to and much more. I have a bad habit of forgetting to turn it off and having it track all the way back to my house. So the only special request would be a Delete a portion of the Recorded Trail. Whee I can erase a portion of a Trail by dropping 2 pins and have it erase what is in between. I love the IPhone 7 Plus now that I have GPS Tracks great Job. Frank Giammattei Newburgh Ny Never go Metal Detecting without my GPS Tracks.


Love it


Just a ho him app No bettter no worse a gps is as good as the tech behind it. This is fair.


This would’ve been a great app for running except it it measures distance in feet instead of miles......c’mon.... fix that!

Very disappointing

Freezes up, start and end vanish from dashboard


Easy to use and it actually works!!

GPS tracks

Awesome! Very useful!

Tripper ms

Excellent! Has a ton of bells and whistles, developers thought of everything. Flows very well as you navigate throughout the app. Use it all the time, never had an issue with crashes or lock ups.

Should be great

But isn’t because it does so little tech wise



Best app , very accurate

After update Start button disappear.

Great app!

Excellent for helping a person learn a mail route or some other sort of route. Record it once with someone training you and then play it back when you’re doing the route and it keeps you in the know where you’re at.

Best ever!

I discovered this app when I needed highly accurate location information. Now I use it on the water, on hikes, and on bike rides. Consistent, accurate info. Couldn’t be better- thanks!


App is very good.

Great GPS App

I’ve tried several gps apps and this one works well, easy to use and worth the money. Well worth the purchase!!

So so

Very difficult to set waypoints of you want to set a future track. Hard to follow and understand app. Not very good instructions.

Very happy. User friendly.

Great service

Stellar App!

Very useful, well designed, and thought out. Highly recommend.

Simple app that works

Great app overall. A little difficult to navigate or start new way points.

Update: excellent customer service

I’ve been used by this app for a few weeks. Not exactly intuitive but was happy with its capabilities once I figured out how to use it. The previous update caused problems with the Apple Watch link. I sent an email to David (app developer) and he responded the same day and fixed the problem that day. Bottom line - if you want to use Waypoints on your Apple Watch, this is the app to use. I’ll be comparing this app to my Garmin in the upcoming weeks to confirm accuracy and capabilities.

Lots of fun on airline trips

I really love using this app for my flights. I usually get a window seat and can keep GPS locked for most of the trip. It is interesting to see how the plane makes course corrections for weather. One tine we flew an extra 250 miles just to avoid storms. I recommend this app for its usability and the ability to save your trips.

Good app. Still learning how to use

Has a lot of good features

Great app.

Great app. I was about to buy another GPS and found this app. Payed the .99 cents and so far I'm a happy camper.

No Support For Google Maps

This app is great and I use it for setting up way points. However it would be nice to have Google Maps supported rather than Apple Maps.

Does the job simply and reliably

Great app for tracking your walks and trips back to your images. I use this for tracking my photos and match up locations with images in Lightroom. It works very well.

Love it

Love it. The most useful app I have on my Tablet. But has many issues with proper tracking. Compass will not stabilize.

Tracks exactly as described. Very well done!

I use the app to track my car trips collecting data preparing for a roadbook. I can follow my speed, avg. speed, distance etc., which is key. iCloud integration works. I track with my iphone, use my ipads bigger screen for easy viewing. The OSX version on my Mac works very well, too. Developer responds and acts quickly to customer remarks.

Extremely frustrating to use

Not intuitive, glitchy, doesn’t work.

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