GPS Tracks App Reviews

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Great tool

Very nice app with broad range of functionality. Very friendly and quick support even to the most detailed questions. Thanks David!

Very, very useful!

I am tornado chaser and like to track my routes. No better app then this for my needs!!!!

Great fun

Lots if fun on a toad trip

Thank you for listening!

My first review said "Only change I would like to see is having the option to change the speed in history from pace in min/km to mph or kmh" And you listened!! Thank you. Pretty much perfect now!

Great app!

I use it to track my RC plane by putting my phone with the payload, and it gives me great accurate information. Live the map tracking and speed indicators. Overall great app!

Overall the best trailmaker out there

I have tried a number of apps for tracking my hikes and using the GPX file for adding position info to my photos and this is by far the best with outstanding customer service. Set for its most accurate it beat my $500 Garmin and with an incredable number of settings to choose from you can customise it to exactly your requrement

Happy User

Ive only had this app for a couple of weeks but have found it very easy to use and it has already helped me find my parked car. Great app which Im happy to highly recommend!

Absolutely Excellent GPS App

I have tried GPS Kit, Motion X, GPS Drive and many other smaller GPS apps. GPS Tracks is a great looking app and worth way more than $0.99. And - none of those other apps allow for waypoint functionality like GPS Tracks does. I will no longer be searching for the right GPS app because this is it. Plus the support and service is excellent. The developer responded the same day to my questions and is adding some nice tweaks in the next release. Nice work!!

So nice

Really great aps !! All work perfectly and if you have any question the email comeback eirh all info you need come really fast !!!!! Good job Amazing !!!!!

Very easy to use. Thank you



Has everything Im looking for and is very customizable

Amazing App, Amazing Support, Amazing Buy.

I have bought a fairly large number of GPS apps from the App store. GPS Tracks, by far, is the best one of them all. - It has a simple, clean, to the point interface, even more so with the current update! - Excellent DropBox integration. - Its purpose built, without pointless bells and whistles to cause usability or reliability issues like other GPS apps. - Great support, fast replies to emails. - Great support for reported bugs, and feature requests. Im not easily impressed, and Im impressed.

Great app

This is an amazing app for field work.


The ideal gps for the outdoorsman who wants to log his trips and see his performance. Would be great for workouts as well.

Great GPS app

Unlike most GPS apps, this one keeps your tracks and makes it easy to save them to dropbox or iCloud. If you are into making maps and you need to turn your phone into a GPS for tracks this app is perfect. The app uses background services so you can keep this in your pocket and it will track you where you go. Without the screen on you can go for hours, the app even lets you select the interval in which it updates to provide you with many options to manage battery life. The only limiting factor with this app is with your phone hardware, but for a super convienent way to track your path, this app is hard to beat.

Great App

I like the app but the latest update wont load and crashes on a constant basis.

Excellent Support

Not only is this a great GPS app, but the customer support is excellent. I emailed the dev when a bug in an update prevented me from exporting tracks. he responded quickly, found the problem and had a fix available as soon as Apple’s review process would allow.

Great app

It could use to be simplified on the " go to"

Good, but can act up

Bought the app to use to locate isolated wilderness research sites with known UTM coordinates. Pros: Easy to add waypoints, name them, and make groupings. Works in multiple coordinate systems. Will cache sat images for use when youre out of data range (but it works MUCH better if you are 3G connected). Continuously displays compass bearing. Cons: Order of waypoints changes randomly if you swap out of the app to another app and then come back, or if the app crashes. Waypoints need to be entered in reverse order; last waypoint added to the list is the first waypoint youll be directed to. Far to easy to accidentally add a waypoint twice. Data displayed changes by itself; often just when you need it the most, distance to the waypoint will no longer display. App & phone sleeps when not used, so if youre watching the screen as you try to follow a bearing to a waypoint, you need to keep interacting with the app to keep it awake. Can take 20-30 seconds after waking to find you again, even if the phone only went to sleep for a moment (a good way to freeze your fingers in the winter). New waypoints default to your current location coordinates, which has to be erased to add new coordinates. All in all, very useful, but would be so much better if the cons were fixed.


This is the first app that Ive found that can replace a stand alone GPS. Ive tried many GPS apps and although many do some things really well, this one covers all the bases for me in the outdoors! Thanks!

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