GPS Tracks App Reviews

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Easy, accurate, and great even in locations that dont have good data reception.

Great accuracy

Great accuracy and amenities that app

Simple and everything youll need.

The very best GPS tracker app.


This is one of the most reliable tracking apps I have used, it never fails me! Definitely worth the money.

The Best GPS App!

This is one of the best apps I have used. There are loads of options and features but anyone can pick it up and use immediately. I was also impressed with the ability to average recorded coordinates over time for a more accurate location reading. This is in addition to the measuring utilities, which are a nice touch. Overall a great app for someone looking to record waypoints, tracks or just measuring distances or areas.

My Favorite GPS App

One of the best track recording apps I have used in the App Store hands down. Recording is as easy as hitting the Start button. Battery life is great. And it syncs all of my tracks over iCloud to the Mac version so I can review them on a bigger screen.

Simply Awesome

Fast and reliable app for recording tracks. It has a ton of features for a professional but is easy enough to use by a casual user. This is one of the best nav app I have used. Easy to import and export tracks. I use it mostly to record my routes and analyze them later but sometimes I pre plan routes and waypoints. There even are measuring tools included for planning purposes. I love the way it syncs both to my iPad and my Mac. This allows me to record data and analyze it on my Mac. Overall a well done app with great support!

Great app

This app not failed me yet and provides more than just directions.

Looks reasonable

App looks reasonable. I havent had a chance to use it but several of my friends are never happy with it.

I watch update please

This is an awesome app. Please allow users to change the type of "location" to other things like MGRS via the watch instead of having to use the phone.

Its crashing

To me it was the best app But after this latest update the app keeps crashing. Please fix it. Thanks

Great for saving tracks

I have been looking for an easy to use app that would let me save tracks then download them and use them on Google Earth, etc. This is it. I recently used it on a trip that combined driving on the road followed by a few hours in a small aircraft. I turned the app on then let it run in the background. When I was done I saved the track and dowloaded it to view on Google Earth. Worked great. It shows travel metrics on a screen during the trip also. App developer is very responsive to questions. Overall a unique and welcom app!

Gps tracks

Potentially great app but continuously shuts down please help

Idk yet

Asking me to write review before using so we will see...based on past reviews its great

Best in class

This app is amazing. Works great for tracking train, airplane and road trips. I only wish that taking a photo would not stop the tracking. Otherwise its perfect.

Works great

App is excellent for making tracks, waypoints, capturing photos. User interface is intuitive and easy to use. Export functionality including KML/KMZ by email is very useful. Excellent app for exploring the outdoors, biking, skiing, etc. You will not regret the purchase.

Very nice!

From one developer to another: very nice App. Great job!!

Excellent GPS App

Probably the best GPS app for backcountry exploring. One aspect I was looking for in a GPS app was to be able to drop a waypoint to any location on a map, most of the other apps Ive used dont have the ability to do that but this app can do that. One really nice wish list item would be to have access to at least one topo map without having to upgrade.

Fantastic App

This app has just about every feature you could ever wish for. My wish list for future updates would be to show a grid on the screen, especially a DMS. With a grid that goes down to one second, this would be just slightly over 100 feet per gridline and would be excellent for most outdoor activities using this app. As a coder myself, I know this wouldnt be difficult because all the data required is already in the existing app.


Great app, but the latest update has big problem! App crashes!

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